A candid photograph is a picture captured without creating a posed appearance. This is done in many ways. The best tips for candid wedding photography are,

1. Always Be Ready

The first and most main rule of candid photography is to always have your camera ready. Your camera wants to be in your hand and ready to shoot at all times. Make sure you’ve got your set to suitable for the environment so that you still get some depth of field in the shot and keep extra memory cards in your pocket.

2. Use the Right Equipment

Whilst having pro DSLRs is helpful for the majority of shots, it can be very suitable to have a smaller camera along in addition to help with candid shots. Some of the newer mirror less cameras, such as the Fuji X range, provide high quality shots in a far more compact body, helping to make you more modest.

3. Use a Longer Lens

It’s calmer to get candid shots if you’re not standing right in front of people. So it’s worth investing in a zoom lens so that you can take pictures from a distance. That way, people are less likely to realize that you’re pointing a camera in their direction. It also helps to keep the familiarity of the shot, which is really important in wedding photography.

4. Flash Free Zone

The fastest way to get people to notice that you’re taking photos is to fire off a flash. Plus flashlight can be harsh and unattractive. Find other ways to let light into your image by opening up your space, slowing your shutter speed or upping your ISO. You might announce a bit more noise into your images, but the idea is to capture the best moment. And noise might really be a good thing.

5. Plan Ahead

If you can, it’s a great idea to visit the venue before the wedding so that you can scope out good locations for shots. If you can’t get there ahead of time, try and take out a few minutes when you first reach to scope out the main places that will be used for the reception, and what they will be used for.

6. Take Lots of Photos

This may seem clear, but the more shots you take, the better chance you have a capturing the spontaneous dealings of the day. A good tip is to put your camera on constant and fire off a burst of shots. That way you can capture a range of candid expressions. Candid photography at a wedding is one of those rare instances where more is more!

7. Photograph People in Groups

This has a two-fold advantage. People relating to each other often makes for a more interesting shot. But more prominently, once people are talking in groups they become involved in the talk and less aware of what is going on around them. And this marks life far easier for a photographer trying to capture candid shots.

8. Frame Images

The best way of capturing candid shots is to use a doorway or people to hide behind so that your themes are unaware you’re photographing them. However, this can also be a simple way of framing your themes – the old ‘frame within a frame’ trick.

9. Follow the Laughter

Again, this may sound simplistic, but follow the laughter at a wedding. You want to be where people are having fun and loving themselves, as this will lead to the most natural shots.

10. Pay Attention

Lastly, and certainly not least, you need to keep paying care if you want to get good candid shots at a wedding. Glances and looks can happen in the flash of an eye, so you need to keep an eye on what’s trendy around you. It takes practice, but the more candid photography you do, the more you’ll start to expect the shots that are about to happen.

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