A wedding is a story of revealing the past, present, and future, of immense detail, beauty and feelings. Choosing the right wedding photographer is the key to having the best memory of your wedding. Choose someone who can take emotional yet beautiful snaps.

Quantity Over Quality

It’s always better to have a bouquet of great memories of your wedding in your album than a hundred ordinary pictures. So choose quality over quantity of the snaps. Always Make sure to ask them to focus on capturing your best moments rather than some irrelevant clicks.

Hiring separate photographers for both the bride’s and groom’s sides

It is very usual that both families choose separate photography team to shoot the same occasion. It’s actually a waste of money and it also creates a mess at the venue. It may kill the beauty of the whole scene. Choose one team for both sides.

Wedding venue

This is one of the common mistakes all couples do. If you don’t have a clear idea of your venue, your photographer may not get a vision on how to plan your photo shoot. So take your photographer to the venue prior to the wedding day or give him a clear picture of the venue via photos.