Capturing someone’s once in a lifetime moment is not an easy task. It is thrilling at the same time a challenging responsibility. Here we will be discussing some helpful tips to improve your wedding photography skills. The most important tip is to ask your clients about what they want to see in their wedding album. It is quite painful to get your photographs back realizing that you did not photograph according to your client’s needs. Before the big day, visit the wedding venue and places you are going to shoot. Most of the expert wedding photographers do not do this but it is quite necessary to have an idea about where you will be going and how the light may come to hit. So many things can go wrong on the big day. Always have a backup plan, batteries charged, memory cards blank and think about the routes and the time to get to the wedding venue. Always have an alternative transport system. You never know when will your tire goes out of the air. Always set an expectation with the couple. Show them your previous works and ask them if they are really confident about hiring you. By going through your previous works, they will know what to expect, how many shots they want what key things they want to be recorded, how the shots would be used etc. Remember to shoot the minute details. What seems to be small may bring the greatest charm to the frame. Capturing the rings, the bouquet, shoes, flowers, and table settings may really help you while setting up the wedding album. Adding these shots in the right point will make your work look stunning even after ages. Always consider having a second photographer. Having one will be a great strategy. It will help you to move less during the wedding ceremony and will reduce the stress of being the one who has to get every shot. One of the biggest challenges of a wedding is that people will be going everywhere including your picture’s background. Particularly with the formal shots, it would look as bad as it is. Be a bit more creative about your shots. While a majority of the pictures will end up being normal, try to use different perspectives and angles and make sure that you mix things up a little by using shots from down -low, up-high and wide angles. Always expect the unexpected. This will go wrong. Make it the best part of the day. Those moments can feel a little distressful at the time but these moments will make the day and gift lots of memories to the bride and groom. Try to capture them and you will end up having some funny pictures to add on to your wedding album, which will make it jaw-dropping. Composition and framing come naturally to some fortunate people. For others, it is a skill that must be learned and refined continuously. Take a moment before pressing the shutter and look for any confusion that could potentially ruin the frame. There nothing worse than having everything perfect and finding out horizons cutting through your subject’s head. Always backup your file. When it is not enough, backup your backup. Consider file management seriously. Make sure that you have superfluous backup systems where your files stay safe at different places. These are some of the tips to be considered in wedding photography. Rituals wedding company is the best wedding photographers in Trivandrum, who can capture your beautiful story of union and make it look stunning even after years. We are sure to delight to you with our work and we work hard to give you the best wedding album ever. We are also experts in candid wedding photographers in Trivandrum. We are a team of passionate photographers who want to add a touch of novelty to all our works and make it everlasting.