8 things you should not forget to tell your photographer

A Wedding is a fanciful affair, which you want everything to be perfect including the wedding photography. You will certainly hire an excellent and experienced photographer for your big day. However, chances are high that your photographer can miss out some extremely important elements of your wedding. Therefore, here are some points you should never forget to tell your wedding photographer.

•    Shots you want

You should definitely have an idea about how your wedding album should be. Each photo should describe you both as a couple in a splendid manner. Therefore, it would be really helpful for your photographer if you give him a list of shots that you just cannot afford to miss out. So that your wedding photographer will be able to bring out the best to meet your requirements that should finally result in a brilliant wedding album.

•    Provide the guests’ list

As your wedding photographer and a very significant part of your wedding, it is necessary that your wedding photographer should be very familiar with your guests. Provide him with the gusts list before the wedding so that he can plan the whole wedding photography well and good. If you need him to consider some people more than others, you should tell him that too.

•    Get your photographer connected with your coordinator

If your wedding photographer is connected with your wedding coordinator, it would be helpful for you that you will not have to interfere in everything along with dealing with your guests. Most of the photographers will not ask you for this but it would be of great help if you do this prior to your wedding, which will help them to work as a team on the wedding and everyone’s job becomes easy.

•    Your wedding rituals

It is quite necessary to share with your wedding photographer, the rituals and rites that are associated with your wedding. So that he will be able to plan and execute the photo-shoot very well. As an experienced photographer, he is supposed to know it but you don’t want to take chances when it comes to your wedding photography. Do you?

•    The details

Think about the strain and time you spend planning your wedding right from the beginning. Your wedding outfit, accessories, wedding decoration, and you definitely do not want your wedding photographer to miss out on any of these elements. Tell him prior to the wedding about the details you want to be there on your wedding album for sure. Unless we give them necessary directions, we will be just imagining that he will do it right but can be in peace, as you have not made it sure.

•    The dress code

You would not want your wedding photographer and his team to come to your wedding in shorts and flip-flops. That may create unrest among your guests. Therefore, it is always necessary to tell your photographer to follow the dress code of your wedding to gel with the overall ambiance.

•    Any surprises?

You may be having surprises kept got your partner. It can be a first dance moment or an unpredictable kiss. Make sure that you tell it to your photographer so that he will be prepared for the moment.

•    Tell your photographer what you don’t want

You will tell him what you want in detail. However, it is equally important to communicate with him what you do not want. It is a significant piece of information that you share. What you do not want to see in your wedding album.

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